• Love Differently - Stay Married For Life

Marriage can be filled with grace and fun times

It also provides challenging times you'll need to navigate

Do you know how? 

Will you break the cycle of divorce, or will you leave a similar legacy as your parents did?

True LOVE in marriage begins by learning to love each other differently – right here, right now. Don’t you think its time to BREAK THE CYCLE?

Learn the 5 little secrets that not only catapulted Emma & Liam’s confidence,

but also brought more faith into their marriage than either of them thought possible.


“WOW!” “Exceptional!” “Totally God-driven!”

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Kelly Falardeau

Kelly Falardeau

Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Every couple needs this, whether married or engaged. I cried 3 times realizing everything I could have done better in my first marriage. I know my next marriage will be a success because together we’ll apply these 5 secrets.”

Lauren E Miller

Lauren E Miller

Stress Relief Educator/Author/Speaker/Trainer

"This answers the question that often lingers in broken hearts that desire something bigger than themselves: "How do I do this? How can I reconnect in the midst of disconnect? How can I love differently and stay married?"

Jenica Jenkins

Jenica Jenkins

"Kellie's gift to coach people in connecting deeper to God, themselves and others is one that has not only impacted me deeply, but completely changed the trajectory of my life!"

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