How To Stay Motivated By Inspiration

Photo by: Matthew WiebeMy sister-in-law recently told me I’m one of the most “highly consciously aware” people she knows. I’m just glad she doesn’t see me as a guru wrapped in garb who meditates all day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but she knows I’m simply an idealist who strongly believes in a healthier lifestyle. I also believe in a healthier love you can’t find from this world alone.

Where most people want a degree and a job, I want adventure. Lord willing, I’ll live out my calling to the very best of my ability until I’m called home. I also work my tail off doing what I’m called, led or prompted to say or do on a daily basis. Sometimes its easy, sometimes its very hard and sometimes its even life threatening. What I know though, is that its absolutely the way I want to live until the end. 

For those who enjoy living in a tidy home, without interruption or fear, this must seem like insanity. I get it. I live like that too when I’m focused on my writing (like today) and I’m sitting behind my computer so I can get my next article written or next book published.

Since scripture is my main mentor and guide, I want to unify in love, to exchange life experiences and to encourage freedom. I like living my life this way because it helps people believe that anything is possible. Its like taking an old broken down home and rehabbing it to make it beautiful again. I absolutely LOVE seeing the before and after picture of anything, but especially the human spirit.

What Is Inspiration?Photo by: Мартин Тасев

Inspiration is living “in spirit”. Its a choice to live with guidance from the still small voice inside all of us. When you are divinely led, compassionately nudged or spiritually moved into action, you change the world.  
Inspiration can be found when we move away from a sense of feeling sorry for ourselves and look for the lessons we can learn instead. When we do this we are dramatically changed forever and so are those around us because its not ‘normal’ behavior. Its in spirit.
You can find inspiration in a conversation, a painting or in a movie. Our rational minds can never fully understand life’s circumstances, but our spirit can embrace the lessons that are so deep, so inspired, even in the most horrific times. Some things we experience are tragic.
The loss of a child, a spouse, a murder or devastating natural events. When such life altering events happen something inside of us dies, too. Yet inspiration, which seems impossible in those times, can still be seen in people who choose to believe in spite of
their external circumstances.
To live in spirit takes responsibility. It being a good steward of what we hear or are shown. Most people would rather believe in their circumstances, or say its not realistic to move when they’ve been called to move. I know this because its how I use to act myself.  As such, those people may never know that with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

When You’re Treated Poorly

Liam and Emma facing opposite each other against a brick wallIts difficult to love others that behave in abusive or addictive ways, or ways that contradict yours. It brings down your motivation to keep moving forward. I have family members who choose not to be around me because my philosophy is different than theirs and that’s perfectly okay. I never could imagine life without them at first, but now I love them from a distance. Sometimes that’s the healthiest way to love someone who drains the energy from you when they’re around in person.

When we put an end to disharmony in our homes, we’ll become stronger people. When we unify on important matters, whether spiritual, financial, sexual, social, etc, we’ll find wholeness and peace. When we choose to move away from unhealthy or unGodly addictions, and ask for forgiveness, we become whole ourselves.
No matter what we go through, the suffering is not for us alone. My own children, for example, are estranged from our family, but I trust God. I trust the ways my mind and heart have been inspired to grow, regardless of what that looks like. This love will keep me loving them regardless of their behaviors.  
I find myself saying, over and over again, that it is my intention to live with love surrounding me. As such, I find my consciousness growing and expanding in ways I never would have imagined.
I envision the day I get to share with my sons all the good things I see in them. I envision telling them how incredible they are and how much love and laughter they brought into my life. If we could do life over again I would immerse them in a culture of love and joy, not a military lifestyle full of anger or war. That’s the life they knew. So I understand and accept their estrangement, yet I feel inspired by how we will celebrate when they return to our family again. In the meantime, God brought so many young people into my life who love being here and who are inspired consistently to grow. Therefore, there is no void.
When you remove blame and anger from your woundedness, you live a life that is steeped in forgiveness
and inspiration. To stay motivated by love you must connect to the creator of that love because you’ll never find it here. Let me know if you need assistance. Feel free to share and comment below. I’d love to hear how you stay motivated by inspiration.