Get Out Of Your Dirty Diaper By Choosing FREEDOM

Baby with diapers pretending to be a birdI cannot tell you how fantastic it is to work with people who want to get OUT of their dirty diapers and choose to be free.

Most people are comfortable sitting in their “mess” because they don’t know how it feels to be free of it, free to create a better life, free to fly in the open fields of life. 
Maybe you’ve felt like time is standing still for you. Its as if there is nothing good is coming your way and hasn’t for a long time. Maybe your marriage is in a rut or your parenting struggles or the job you have gives you little to write home about.
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Is Your Marriage Strong Enough To Succeed?

ResizedShortly after doing a soft launch for my latest book, Love Differently – Stay MarriedLove Differently – Stay Married, I received numerous emails and phone calls from entrepreneurs who wanted the book.  One such email came from a young woman who said, “I’m ready to throw in the towel (this was a newly wed) and pour myself back into my work unless your book helps us make it work.”

According to her new husband, this entrepreneur never stopped pouring herself into her work. He did have an expectation for her though and that was to find the right balance between being a wife, and being with her work. If she couldn’t do it, then he wanted her to close her company.

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