3 Steps To Intentionally Creating More Time For You In Your Day

Photo by: Danka & PeterFaith Conscious Entrepreneurs know that even Jesus, the greatest transformational leader of our world, took time to fill his cup on occasion.  Here is what living without boundaries and being totally selfless, can look like sometimes. Maybe you’ll see yourself in this true story.

I curled up in my brown leather chair, that one that sits right next to the warm fireplace. It was cold outside and the wind chill seemed to drift straight through the house. Feeling the fire on my outstretched feet, I Instantly felt the warmth from the flames.

“Thank you God. I love atmosphere in this room.” I didn’t say that because I designed it, but because its filled with so much love and peace that its the truth. Its as if love was baked into the walls of this room.

I looked over at our family pictures that hung on one wall, about fifteen of them in different frames and each one unique in style. My children’s faces are happy, and its easy for me to remember the moments each photo was taken in.1V2A5187

My daughter was laying on the floor beside my chair. She was reading something on her computer, her little black Manchester Terrier snuggled right up next to her.  The pup instantly fell asleep.

“That dog snores as loud as any man.” I said, smiling to myself. I looked deep into the flames of the fireplace and said, “Life is so good.”

That’s when the first “BUZZZ” notification went off on my iphone.

I momentarily chided myself for not remembering to change the notifications back to silent. It took me a minute to get up out of the warm and cozy recliner. I walked across the room to the lampstand and picked up my phone. It was a text message from one of our family members. The message said, “Will you co-sign on a loan for me?”

It took me one split second to mentally respond, “Not in a million years.” I responded to his text and spent time sharing how he ought to come clean, and take responsibility, which to him sounded like “yatty yatta”. I knew full well it might all be in vain. Its my job to plant the seeds, not to make the plant grow.

Shortly after putting my cell phone down, the home office phone rang.

Photo by: Alejandro EscamillaI debated whether or not to answer it, since it was the weekend and this was my time off.  I was already up so I sauntered over to it in my big puffy slippers. That’s interesting…the caller ID told me it was a close family friend, one that our son’s grew up with. He lives independently, even though born with Cerebral Palsy and life bound to his wheelchair. “Hello Dan!” I said, but his response wasn’t as chipper as he told me how he was recently hit by a truck while crossing the street.

He explained his pain was everywhere, which had now intensified, and asked if I could please help him relax.  I spent the next little while getting him to relax with breathe and release techniques. When he was about to fall asleep, I prayed for him, told him to hang up to allow himself to drift off.

As soon as I hung up the phone another dear friend PM-d me.  (Now you might be thinking…..”why don’t you ignore these interruptions?” and I’ll answer that in a minute.)

My friend is also a business associates. While I know she struggles in the area of relationships, I found myself listening to all the same stuff she repeats regularly. I paused her long enough to reminder her to hold a space for healthier relationships while anchoring herself in courage rather than fear. Ten minutes was all it took, but before I knew it, my entire “relaxed” evening had vanished.

I chuckled thinking how much money I could have made this night had I charged for my time.

617248_10151352948150802_1788722075_oThe truth is, we sometimes have to remember that being there to listen to our family and friends, whether we agree with their lifestyle or choices or not, shows compassion.

I’m not perfect at this, but I know that my life is not to be squandered away to provide only for myself. Would I loved to have had a quiet Sunday evening to myself to do whatever I wanted? Sure. But I chose to give some time away instead, and in the process I also received lots of satisfaction from being there for my family and friends. Its what makes my world go ’round.

But Here’s Where The Rubber Meets The Road

During the work week you MUST be more self disciplined with your time.  In order to be productive and make money, you have to be self-disciplined. Derailing life is easy, each time you blame something or someone else – there it is. Its easy to not take responsibility for your future that way. I could have been upset with all those people for interrupting my relaxation time, but in truth, they weren’t interrupting it. I was!

Taking control of your attitude and emotions, by taking responsibility for your actions on a daily basis, is the only way to insure success in your marriage – and in your life.

I’ll share with you what I do for self care, and if it sounds like something that can work for your life, then duplicate it. My way isn’t the ‘right’ way for everyone, but it works for us.

  1. Self Care Time – Mon through Fri I have morning devotions, exercise time, educational time and learning a new language time. I call all of this my “self care” time and I usually do this between 4:00 am and 8:30 am. Rarely does anyone intrude on that time, since its become routine (and there isn’t anyone in my home willing to get up that early). This self care time is what helps me breathe success into my life.
  2. Client Care Time – When “me” time is over, its time to get to work for others. I use an actual timer and I focus on how to bring more value to my clients in 30 to 60 minute increments all throughout the day. Since this is done in sections, I might create a survey for the first 30 minutes. Then next hour I might send it out and find out what they need. The afternoon may be time to work to create solutions to their problems. This is what generates income.
  3. Family Care Time – I intentionally stay current. I intentionally stay present. I also intentionally stay open while problem solving my way through life’s issues no matter what. There will always be changes in family schedules and flexibility issues when it comes to spending quality time. I still make my husband’s meals, clean my own house and be there when my children needs an ear. Life can be messy sometimes so you have to expect the occasional spike in blood pressure when things go awry. Learning how to problem solve creates perseverance to the highest degree.

Photo by: María Victoria Heredia Reyes

A Word To Those Who Give C O N S I S T E N T L Y Without Receiving

STOP IT. When you give, give, give without receiving, without providing some self-care, you are saying NO to something else. That something could be God, could be your spouse or your children. It could be that someone would love to bless you but you won’t receive it.  I get it. I have to fight the urge myself sometimes because giving comes so naturally to me, but I also remember to do ALL THINGS in moderation. Your time is just as valuable as someone else’s. Choose when to give it away and when to charge for it. When you say yes to someone or some thing, you’re saying “No” to someone or something else. Be intentional with self care and when to care for others. You’ll find more “balance” in the midst of life than you even knew existed.

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