This site answers the question, “How do I achieve success in building quality relationships while building my business or life?”

Did you know it takes far less work to keep a healthy relationship going than it does to keep AN unhealthy one going?

It’s true, but lets face it, relationships aren’t easy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.14.06 PMHi There. I’m Kellie Frazier and I’m super glad you’re here.

People have called me a thought leader, a healer, mentor, teacher and even a psychic. Business leaders have tried to get me to market myself a certain way, and friends say that the world isn’t ready for my teachings. I’ve learned to embrace it, all of it. 

I share this because people are afraid of what they don’t understand, just like they’re afraid of relationships.

You can’t let anything someone says or does shake your confidence. No matter what – never ever give up on what you want.

This “About” page will give you a glimpse of

  • The Love Differently Mission
  • What You Can Expect
  • Who I Am


My Mission is to improve the lives of 100,000 heart centered entrepreneurs who want more freedom. I help them discover;

  • Approaching all relationships very differently – personal and professional ones
  • Bring larger thinking into the relationships they have – which often means getting yourself out of the way
  • Create excellence that inspires others – without letting perfectionism stop you
  • Becoming extremely generous and grateful – you get it, but aren’t sure how to do this consistently


Our staff combines laser targeted materials with professional (and friendly) services that inspires change in your life. You can expect to move strategically forward with 3 important tools;

  • Faith That You CAN Move Mountains – we move mountains every day, through phone calls, consults and emails
  • A Community of Like Minded People – together we’re able to accomplish a lot
  • A Desire To Live Your Dreams While Loving Yourself Differently – We’ll provide the resources for success, you bring the desire 


FullSizeRenderI’m a wife, mom, Jesus lover and entrepreneur. I thrive on adventure, people and radical love.

In the year of 2007, I lost my 18-yr-old nephew to a drowning, my youngest sister to Cancer, a family business, and I had an accident that caused a traumatic brain injury.

After six months of seizures, memory & comprehension loss, paralysis on my right side and a host of neurological issues, I saw a vision in my mind that I was an author and speaker who was talking to high level people from all around the world. I absolutely did not understand this vision. I hated writing, never spoke in public, and was from the smallest town in the US.

My question was, “How is any of that suppose to happen?” 

I heard two words inside my spirit saying, “Trust me.”

A manuscript flew from my finger tips in less than fourteen hours, just two years later. I started speaking to audiences around the globe and helped hundreds of people connect to what they love. Here I am, eight books later, hundreds of clients and many speaking platforms both on line and off.

Over the past few years I saw numerous associates, and friends, struggle in their marriages. As an entrepreneur, I was growing and learning at a much faster pace than my husband too, so I understood it. But I quickly realized I needed to do something to help ALL OF US stay together. 

My last book became a game changer. I wrote it from my personal experiences, and my daughter’s who is also an entrepreneur. Its fiction, with 5 non fiction relationship secrets to learn from, for those who’d been affected by divorce or had super unhealthy relationship examples in their past.

That’s also when I created The Love Differently Stay Married ChallengePeople were blown away. EbookThey said these secrets are the “BEST and BOLDEST principles shared since the movie Fire Proof”. I’d have to agree, but marriage isn’t all I wanted to teach. To love differently is a movement of courage. Its standing your ground even when no one around you believes in what you’re doing.  Its about deep conviction and strong relationships with God, yourself and others.

I offer LOTS of free stuff, so start with the manifesto  ==> HOME PAGE

And Remember To Always Love!


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