Guest Post Guidelines

We highly encourage submissions to our blog, especially from fellow-bloggers who share a similar love for; God, for living out of purpose, supporting great causes, having a great testimony, a rags to riches story, a fantastic marriage, entrepreneurship and/or ministry. Please read the guidelines below and contact us here with any questions.

Quality Matters

Note: Although we receive many, we have a very high bar for guest posts.  As a result, we may turn down many well-written posts and ask that you not take it personally.

Some of the most common reasons we turn down posts include,

  1. Poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, or lack of control of the English language
  2. Topics that overlap with other submissions so be sure to read through several previous posts
  3. Posts that are off-topic for our audience
  4. Posts that lack depth or are very general


Posts need to be directed toward Millennials on the following topics;

  • Personal or Spiritual Growth
  • Entrepreneurship, Living Your Purpose
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Emotionally Connecting With God, Self or Family
  • Finding Like-Minded People
  • Habits, Daily Schedules, Productivity, etc.
  • Staying In Shape – Running, Cycling, Swimming, Strength Training, etc.
  • Nutrition – Plant-Based Nutrition, Veganism, Natural Health, etc.


  • We most appreciate original posts that are not published anywhere else online.
  • We exchange guest posts, meaning you’ll permit a post from us on your website.
  • Your post is between 300-850 words in length.
  • No advertisements for your product or sponsored posts. Contact us if you want to propose advertising on our site.

For Tips: We highly recommend you read the following articles on guest posting to maximize your efforts:

Introductions, Conclusions and Editing

  • We don’t do this for every post, but we reserve the right to provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide context or rationale as to why your post matters. The reader will know that these comments are ours and not yours.
  • We will edit all posts for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. If we make substantial changes we’ll email it back to you for your approval.


  • The only guest posts we publish are those that, in our best judgment, add value to our readers, and the author’s over all work is in alignment with bringing unity to marriage. Submissions do not equate to published articles, even if they appear to be within our guidelines. If we reject your post you are free to publish it elsewhere.


If you submit your post, then you agree that it meets the above guidelines and you’ll do the following:

  • Email your proposed guest post here for consideration, but not as an attachment.
  • By submitting this post you automatically agree to respond to comments made by readers in a kind and compassionate manner.
  • You agree to share it with your readership or followers in your own community.
  • You agree to broadcast the post once it has been published, ex:
    • Link to the post from your blog
    • Promote it on Twitter (several times)
    • Share it on Facebook


Email us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!