Are You A Magnet Or The Iron Filings?

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.50.50 AM When I was a little girl, I found a small black rectangular object near my grandparents cellar door. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt heavy and important. I ran into the house and asked grandma if I could keep it. She held it between her crooked finger tips and said, “You found a magnet!”

She handed it back to me, with permission to keep it, and explained that magnets attract things. She said if I move it around in the dirt very slowly, I could find all kinds of little treasures. I couldn’t imagine what the word “treasures” meant. Did she mean diamonds?

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Healthy Marriages; How You Can Use 5 Principles To Get More Out Of Everyday Life

Have you noticed that challenges, differences and confrontations tend to build walls between spouses, and the first thing you know, out the window goes the marriage? It honestly doesn’t have to be this way. Healthy marriages can be created to get more of out of life than either spouse thought possible – even during the tough times. 

What if you were to think of relationships like this:

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If You’re Not Living Out These 5 Principles Of Marriage, Then Your Marriage Is Struggling

Who ever said marriage was easy, definitely wasn’t married for the long haul. Add being an entrepreneur to the mix and you can get all kinds of unique issues.

If you’re like most couples, when you’re struggling, anything can bring you close to the edge of ugly. This post was created to help you get past that edge, and stay focused on the five most important aspects of your marriage.

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