How Do You Emotionally Connect To Someone Of The Same Gender

It’s Q&A time and my community has come up with over 35 excellent questions. Whether you want to establish a relationship with someone of the same gender or not, these rules to emotionally connecting apply to every relationship.
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“Do you think the dynamics are different when its a relation between the same gender?”

No, I do not believe the dynamics are different within the same gender. I believe ALL people need to feel connected at the heart & soul level regardless of who they are, where they come from, or by any other factor.

When football players, for instance, are engaged in the Super Bowl playoff’s there is no need to emotionally connect – or so they might think. However that is exactly what they’re doing throughout the entire game. They are emotionally connecting to their coach, their teammates, each play, and the “why” behind wanting to win. It’s all emotional because we are emotional beings.  

In relationships you have a similar thing happening. When one man is challenged by another because of a disagreement, in any type of relationship, there is the challenge to figure out what to do to keep that relationship moving forward. Understanding how to emotionally connect is one of the skills ALL humans need to keep that joy level up rather than allow it to fall into a pattern of indifference.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve studied, researched, taught, spoken and written about how to emotionally connect for more than a decade.

“What is the difference between coaching and therapy?”

Most people come to me after years of unsuccessful therapy, so no, I’ve never referred anyone back to their therapist. The biggest difference is that therapy usually concentrates on the problems of life. My coaching focuses on the person’s desired outcomes and doing all I can to help them reach it.

Excellent coaches do not work with everyone who asks. In a phone call we can tell if they are;

1. open to new concepts of thought

2. willing to be ruthlessly honest with themselves

3. desiring to make great changes in their life no matter how strong their level of resistance becomes because they think its selfish.

We offer proven methods that people can either do or not do. Those who do, find results as you can see in this message I just received today: “Your gift to coach people in connecting deeper to God, themselves and others is one that has not only impacted me deeply, but completely changed the trajectory of my life!”

I desire that all people become free in all areas of life; spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, etc., but they must first recognize that they are a part of their own healing and restoration process.

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