Is There Ever A Point When A Couple Should Call It Quits?

Today’s Question

“Is there ever a point when a couple should call it quits? What are typical precursors to this?” Emma

Relationships are definitely not a ‘one size fits all’. Not everyone has a desire to heal their relationship or stay together. And though most people focus on precursors, I’m going to flip those on their head and share what I believe will serve you better. In today’s video, I’ll share what will keep you together so you can focus on those instead. 

Today’s video response gives several ways a couple can influence their partner

The precursors to separating would be doing all you can to influence positive behavior. When hope gets deferred, meaning you’ve felt for years that what your doing is leading no where, that’s usually when anger and frustration leads to disconnect and indifference.

For a married couple or long term relationship, indifference causes Kryptonite to enter into their marriage. This typically means death to the relationship. Some of the larger challenges take place when addictions, egoic unhealthy mindsets, or low self worth with suicidal thoughts take place. There is little anyone can do to “fix” the situation unless the person wants to change through influence.

I never tell a couple to call it quits, but sometimes a separation is in order so both parties can work on being healthier.

Sometimes the only true transformation that can happen has to come by surrendering the internal pain of bitterness. Bitterness is like a backpack strapped to your shoulders that’s loaded with heavy boulders. It doesn’t bother the person you’re bitter against, but it also doesn’t allow you to sleep well, eat well, care for yourself well, or care for others very well either.

If this is you, I challenge you to keep learning and growing by taking the Love Differently Challenge. When people realize bitterness is preventing them from living free they often want to make a different choice.  That’s also when freedom steps in and allows them to have more peace and joy than they ever thought possible.

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