Get Out Of Your Dirty Diaper By Choosing FREEDOM

Baby with diapers pretending to be a birdI cannot tell you how fantastic it is to work with people who want to get OUT of their dirty diapers and choose to be free.

Most people are comfortable sitting in their “mess” because they don’t know how it feels to be free of it, free to create a better life, free to fly in the open fields of life. 
Maybe you’ve felt like time is standing still for you. Its as if there is nothing good is coming your way and hasn’t for a long time. Maybe your marriage is in a rut or your parenting struggles or the job you have gives you little to write home about.


When 2016 arrived, I was beyond excited about the first coaching group of the year. This group of ladies would keep ME inspired, humbled and grateful for the work God has me doing.
But what happens instead? Several of the women backed out at the last minute. I heard every excuse in the book. Not that some of the reasons weren’t valid, but it still makes me realize how many people would rather sit in their dirty diaper and tell me I don’t understand their situation. Funny thing is, there was a time when I ate popcorn instead of food and worked 3 jobs into the night. I would come home to my baby boy who was being cared for by my divorcing angry parents. So I do understand what hardship looks like. I also know there is a mindset I had back then that told me I’d never allow my life to look like this again.
Before my new clients got off our first call of the year, I asked them, “On a scale from 1 – 10, how do you think the call went for you?”
Without hesitation, they said 10. What a wonderful testimony that is to the work God has done in me and in them, but I can’t stop thinking about those who are still sitting in their dirty diaper, not doing anything to be free
If I’m speaking to you right now, then here are a few tips that can help you get out of your mess – IF you get into action immediately.
TIP #1 

Believe you can achieve anything! – With God, anything is possible. Believe that you can overcome your invisible barriers and limiting beliefs. Listen, I know first hand how the brain can tell you all kinds of untruths about who you are and what kind of life you don’t deserve. ITS ALL LIES.  If we listen to the same thing over and over again, we’re going to believe it eventually. So why not listen to healthy ideas??

Tip #2

Get past the past – no story you tell about your past is going to help you grow beyond your fears or insecurities. Being uncertain, having doubt, these come from unresolved experiences from the past. But when you stay in the present, look to the future instead of the past, you’ll no doubt feel uncomfortable with what may lay ahead, but if you step up and DO, you can absolutely soar.  Faith without works is dead.

Tip #3

Set specific goals to achieve – Dreams and goals are often two entirely different things. Get specific and concrete with a goal that has a deadline. While you read this, I’m going to ask you to set one goal and one deadline for yourself. I’m going to give you a minute to think about it, then I want you to share what your goal is and what your deadline is for that goal. At the end of this read, share in the comment box below what that one singular goal is.

Secret #4

Totally connect to your why – People lose their way when they lose their ‘why’. Identify your why by asking better questions. “Why do I want _____?”, “What will I gain by doing ______?”,  “If money, time or resources were no object, what would I be doing?”

Secret #5
Get Started Now – High achievers tackle procrastination by doing, not by over thinking or doing excessive planning. They break down every idea in to bite sized pieces and they get into action.  When I do this I call it my VPA Plan. I have a Vision. I create a Plan. I take Action on those plans.
No more dirty diapers for me. If you want help discovering your purpose, your ‘why’ or even help you out of your dirty diaper…let me know. That’s what I do to serve others.