When God Comes Between Us

Over the course of our 33 years of marriage, my husband often voiced how much God came between us.

The funny thing is, my thoughts were always, “I’m so thankful God came between us!”

For every opinion in life there is also a counter opinion. Whether you’re a married corporate exec, entrepreneur, politician, construction worker or a house wife, God has always been controversial.

I’ve never shy’d away from relationships, nor sharing with others what gets put on my heart to share, but mentioning God has sometimes gotten me into trouble in my marriage. While I believe that if God hadn’t entered my life then we wouldn’t even BE married, my husband often believed God was a major disruption in our life. We all get to look at life through our own filters.  

I also know it took many years of research and study to create our healthy, happy, home environment. Its my duty to keep sharing with others so they can do the same thing. This no longer goes against my husband’s belief thankfully, and he’s very supportive of my work today, but I understand the pain it can cause to believe that God is coming between you.

Whether you’ve married a non-believer, or if you’re the non-believer, you have to expect ups and downs in the relationship. Part of growth is learning to navigate what love and respect looks like from two different perspectives.

That’s why today’s question comes from so many people, but yet boils down to this one thing:

“What happens when God comes between a couple?”

I want to clarify that we’re talking about God and Christianity and not about different religions. Here is my video response to their questions.

Interested in the 7 Steps To Excellent Communication? I hope so! If you can make these a habit, you’ll be further ahead than even those couples who have the same beliefs. Religion makes no difference when the couple is in the habit of blaming others. When habits are unhealthy, those habits usually control the relationship. 

Here is where you can find the 21 Love Differently Video Challenge I mentioned. Couples all around the globe are finding healing and restoration from these videos. You can too. Check them out and stay committed!

Always Love!