Why Relationships With Spouses Ought To Come Before Relationships With Children

The Question

“How do you feel about the advice that couples put their relationship before everything else? I’ve seen some relationship experts recommend that couples put their marriage first, even over the kids. Do you recommend something similar? It seems selfish say no to spending time with the kids on a night off just to have a date night with the hubby.” Mia

You might be unhappy to find out that yes, I do indeed recommend that parents put their relationship first.

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How To Stay Motivated By Inspiration

Photo by: Matthew WiebeMy sister-in-law recently told me I’m one of the most “highly consciously aware” people she knows. I’m just glad she doesn’t see me as a guru wrapped in garb who meditates all day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but she knows I’m simply an idealist who strongly believes in a healthier lifestyle. I also believe in a healthier love you can’t find from this world alone.

Where most people want a degree and a job, I want adventure. Lord willing, I’ll live out my calling to the very best of my ability until I’m called home. I also work my tail off doing what I’m called, led or prompted to say or do on a daily basis. Sometimes its easy, sometimes its very hard and sometimes its even life threatening. What I know though, is that its absolutely the way I want to live until the end. 

For those who enjoy living in a tidy home, without interruption or fear, this must seem like insanity. I get it. I live like that too when I’m focused on my writing (like today) and I’m sitting behind my computer so I can get my next article written or next book published.

Since scripture is my main mentor and guide, I want to unify in love, to exchange life experiences and to encourage freedom. I like living my life this way because it helps people believe that anything is possible. Its like taking an old broken down home and rehabbing it to make it beautiful again. I absolutely LOVE seeing the before and after picture of anything, but especially the human spirit.

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