On-line Volunteer Information

Do you have a heart to serve?

Do you enjoy encouraging other people?

If you answered “yes” to these questions then we would love to partner with you as we seek to spread a message of UNITY on line.  We’re looking for researchers, editors, press release writers, printers and videographers who are heart centered and have good communication skills to get a job done very well.

As a volunteer you would receive a free Love Differently Stay Married book, video training, VIP seats to our live podcasts plus one free entrepreneurial coaching sessions for your professional life.

Please take a few minutes to read the Volunteer Position Descriptions and FAQ’s (below) for our LIVE EVENTS.

A Day Of Love Conference Volunteer Information

Do you have a faith conscious business or ministry and want to be around a community of like minded people?

Are you married and want to attend the Day Of Love Conference for free with your spouse?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then we would love to partner with you as we seek to unite couples from all around the globe to a loving God, to themselves, and to one another.

We look forward to serving alongside you!

ALL Volunteers Must Read

Conference Attendance: Volunteers will receive a complimentary registration for the conference. Volunteers will be able to sit down and enjoy most of the Day of Love conference, as long as their commitment is filled. Some positions may require rotation during speaker sessions.

Volunteer Meetings: Team leaders will meet to receive training. All other volunteers will meet for a mandatory meeting. During this meeting, you will receive your volunteer sticker, a weekend schedule, and  general instructions before we break out into team meetings.


This team sets the tone any GREAT conference. A warm smile and friendly “Hello! or Welcome!” will cheer the attendees as they step through the doors.

Responsibilities:  Greet attendees as they come in the door(s) and scan registration ticket. Greeters will pass out packets and/or fliers as attendees enter the door(s). If attendees do not have a conference registration, Greeters will direct them to the Registration booth. Greeters will also help with the box lunches on Saturday, which may include – setting up box lunches, collecting lunch tickets, helping distribute box lunches, and directing attendees through lunch lines.

Registration Table

This team offers welcoming attitudes and assistance to attendees regarding: will call registrations, on-site registration, pre-registration and general conference information.

Responsibilities:  Offer will call, on-site registration, pre-registration and informational services to attendees. Master lists of all the registrations will be provided for each booth in order to check: conference registrations ordered late; and lost registrations. Information services may include: directions to common locations in building; DOL curriculum and membership information for the Day of Love Community.

(Note: There will also be a staff member present to help with any questions or concerns.)

**Please note – If you are required to work a Will Call Booth during lunch, your box lunch will be brought to you.

DOL Speaker/Author/Artist Product Tables

This team is full of energy and utilizes people skills to help attendees select DOL speaker or artist product.

Responsibilities:  Provide assistance to attendees in regards to selecting and purchasing product. Must be 18 years old to volunteer at speaker/artist product booths. Detailed instructions will be given by the booth manager, sponsor, speaker, artist or organization representative as to the merchandise, prices, method of payment received, etc. The highest traffic will be during breaks, before/after the conference and during lunch. Therefore, plan on being at your designated booth during those times. At least one volunteer needs to be present at the product booth at all times unless otherwise directed by booth manager. Typically, volunteers rotate during speaker sessions and concerts.

**Please note – A speaker or artist booth will typically experience higher volume following that speaker or artist’s performance.


This team is friendly, proactive and utilizes leadership skills to serve as ambassadors between DOL staff and volunteer teams.

Responsibilities:  Team Leaders will meet at 3:00pm on the Friday on the conference for additional instructions/training.

Greeter Leader – will serve over greeter volunteers to ensure that doors open on time and that packets/fliers are evenly distributed between entrances. This leader will also assist with box lunch distribution on Saturday.

Product Leader – serve over speaker/artist product booth volunteers. Leader will assist staff with distributing lunches to volunteers prior to break on Saturday. Leader will help manage speaker/artist signing lines, if needed.

Encourager Leader – serve over encourager volunteers. Leader will pray with volunteers and direct them to reserved seating on Saturday morning. Leader will assign volunteers to doors on Friday for attendance card collection as well as assist.

Encouragers/Prayer Partners

This team provides spiritual support and counsel during the day and when needed by attendees.

Responsibilities: Pray over the venue on Saturday evening and collect attendance cards at the end of the Saturday night. Meet attendees as they come forward requesting comfort and/or prayer on Sunday. Must be comfortable counseling, sharing God’s Word, and praying with attendees.


This team is friendly, helpful and proactive to meet the directional needs of the attendees.

Responsibilities:  Assisting guests to their seats and assisting Special Needs individuals to their designated areas. Directing guests to common locations throughout the venue (Restrooms, Will Call/Registration/Information booth, Lost and Found, etc).  Also, may include reporting any medical emergencies to staff and/or paramedics. Ushers will help with the box lunches on Sunday, which may include – setting up box lunches, checking lunch tickets, helping distribute box lunches, and directing attendees through lunch lines. Ushers will assist with any Offerings on Sunday afternoon.